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2023: Former Aso Villa Chaplain Joins Presidential Race

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As the race to 2023 presidential election hots up, the best of Nigerians from all works of life have been eyeing the top Nigerian job. One of the best brains in the race is the former Aso Villa Chaplain and founder of Able Access Alliance (AAA), Rev. Prof. Yusufu Ameh Obaje.

Prof. Obaje declared his interest in the presidential race at a media briefing on Wednesday in Abuja.

In a time like this that Nigeria is observing unimaginable increase in kidnapping, widespread lawlessness and general insecurity of lives and properties, the former Aso Villa Chaplain has made himself available to help curb the many Nigeria problems bedeviling the country, especially in recent times.

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At his declaration, he stated that “Its is our choice and it is certainly our decision; we only need to resolve to identify a leader who will lead us to successfully recreate Nigeria of our collective dream.

“I therefore present myself as the leader that Nigeria needs at such a time like this. My leadership style is going to be God-centred, people focused, ideologically rooted, spiritually redemptive, intuitionally sensitive, religiously tolerant, love driven, ontologically confirmative, anthropologically humane, mission guided, vision actualised, purpose propelled, administratively inclusive, service oriented, courageously demonstrated, accountably exemplified, sacrificially imperative, morally emulative, transparently evidential, intellectually creative, philosophically persuasive, inspirationally instructive, critically objective, characteristically transformative, revolutionary decisive, practically profitable, existentially relevant and result manifested.

“Let me remind us of the fact that the above leadership style is imperative on the basis of the enormousness, gravity and compelling nature of the problems confronting our country Nigeria.

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“Consequently, together we shall embark on: spiritual revolution, intellectual renaissance, citizenship transformation, patriotism reawakening, administrative reconstruction, constitutional recreation, ontological revolution, anthropological redirection, ideological redemption, cultural regeneration, moral revolution, political reconstruction, economic revitalization, agricultural revolution, infrastructural reconstruction, national policy redirection, industrial revolution, anti-corruption redirection, national security recreation, power supply revolution, health-care revolution, peaceful renaissance, social rebirth, sports development recreation, international relations redirection, information technology revolution, mineral resources redevelopment, rural development renaissance, youth development redirection, women development reactivation, shelter-for-all transformation, civil service reformation and holistic contextualisation.”

Obaje outlined aspects of his recreational agenda for Nigeria.

“If by the grace of God and the will of the people, I am given the opportunity, then I will do differently what makes me different from others by radically transforming our security and intelligence architecture, ensuring quality education, women involvement in all spheres of life, improving the Nollywood sector and other social activities.

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“Having served in the board room and corridors of power, I have the experience needed to lead Nigeria to the country of our dream”, he said.

He disclosed that the most dangerous department of life is spiritual, not politics, and as such he is not scared to join others in the race.

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