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Why 2023 Presidential Election Is Existential Polls – Peter Obi

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Labour Party Presidential standard bearer, Peter Gregory Obi has referred to 2023 Presidential election as an existential election that will ursher in a new Nigerian that would change the socioeconomic wellbeing and lifestyle of Nigerians
Peter Gregory Obi made the revelation during the Labour Party Mega Presidential Campaign on Saturday at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos.

He noted that his devine victory at the poll in the next two weeks’ will mark the begging of new generational Administration that will fashion out a new orientation for one Nigerian, one nation, one destiny, the dream of the founding fathers of Nigeria.
Obi reiterated that Nigeria has the potential to be greater than what it is and where it is today.

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Obi said,” If I am elected president of Nigeria, DATTI and I are promising you that we will secure and unite Nigeria. We will ensure that after few years in government, no Nigerian will say again , I am from West, East, North , Southern Nigerian but will be proud to say, I am a Nigerian”.

“Nigeria has what it takes to be greater than what it is today but successive poor leadership brought it to where it is today. It is the first time a party Chairman, the presidential candidate and vice Presidential candidates were all born after Nigerian Independence. It has never happened in Nigeria before. All past Nigerian leaders were born before Nigerian Independence”.

The Vice Presidential candidate, Yusus DATTI describe his principal, Peter Obi as a shining example of rare leaders that tranforms their country to enviable height.

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“Peter Obi is that an exemplary leader who came to power against all odds. He is a single most powerful individual who has dented Nigeria like never before. Obi is an international mega Superstar and a shining example of one who has left behind a track record which no known Nigerian governor is even thinking of copying”
DATTI reiterated that Nigerian future under Obi’s devine administration if elected president looks robust adding, “the day you hear presidy Peter Obi of Nigerian, that day, we stop the killings and start the healing; we shall stop the stealing and start the keeping; we shall stop the crying and start the flying of the flag of Nigerian nation”.
However, the LP rally suffered setback of sporadic physical attack by opposition thuggs on members that turns up for the rally in Lagos, which though did not affect the rally proper

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