2023: Stone Me If I Fail To Perform, Says Youngest Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency AspirantAbuja Business Reports Newspaper & Magazine 2023: Stone Me If I Fail To Perform, Says Youngest Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency AspirantAbuja Business Reports Newspaper & Magazine

2023: Stone Me If I Fail To Perform, Says Youngest Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency Aspirant

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… As He Woos Massive Supports Ahead Of Polls

The youngest aspirant for Imo State House of Assembly, Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency in the forthcoming 2023 general elections, Comrade Nonso Emecheta in a recent meeting with youths from his constituency, held at Isinweke, had won the hearts of the youths after telling them to stone him if he fails to fulfill his campaign promises.

Comrade Nonso Emecheta at the gathering of young like minds gave a synopsis of his manifesto termed ‘The Nonso Solution: A People-Centric Manifesto’. An ideological framework that will guide his service to his people if voted to serve.

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In his words: “I have crossed the Rubicon to salvage the dwindling fortunes of my people and I challenge our youths to stone me to death if I fail to perform.”

However, his unprecedented reassuring statement of total commitment to the amelioration of the human condition in his Ihitte/Uboma constituency was greeted with boisterous ovation and wide acceptability as the participants were convinced that having put his own precious life in the line of service to his people, it will not be out of place to say that he did not come to plunder but to render selfless service to his people.

When asked the political party he intends to use to contest in the election, he told them that as a human right activist and an incurable social crusader, it is only natural to use a political party that is in sync with the struggle for the emancipation of the people from the manacles of poverty, deprivation and sub-human condition that gives a level playing field for young activists like him to contest.

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He disclosed that the party is no other than African Action Congress (AAC) whose National Leader is Comrade Omoyele Sowore, an unrepentant human right activist who has written his name with indelible ink on the front pages of our national struggles.

The youngest aspirant in the Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency, who is the current South East Coordinator of the Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) Leadership Development Advocacy movement reiterated his commitment to the betterment of the lots of his people.

He described himself as “the harbinger of a new dawn” and stated that there is no fundamental reason why his constituents will continue to experience the worsening form of human degradation through unremorseful culture of primitive exploitation, weaponization of poverty and the pauperization of the people when he has the humane disposition, political will and magic wand to put paid to the untold hardship rocking his constituents.

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On the whole, the atmosphere was agog as youths were enthralled by the youngest aspirant’s sincerity of purpose, wisdom, oratorical prowess, radical mission and result-oriented vision and the people of Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency pledged their supports for him with the agreement that they will hold him by his words.