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Uja’Ache Condemns Official Rascality, Anarchy in Kogi

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The leadership of Uja’Ache has strongly condemned the event of Saturday, where the Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate, Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka Muri escaped death by hairs breath at Banda village in the vicinity of Lokoja, Kogi State.

The Coordinator off Uja’Ache Rights Organization (URO), Alhaji Idris Iyede made the condemnation in a press statement released by the organisation.

“We are greatly sturned by the event of Saturday, where SDP Governorship Candidate, Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka Muri escaped death by hairs breath at Banda village, the vicinity of Lokoja Kogi State”.

“The leadership of Uja’Ache Rights Organization (URO) holistically condemn the alleged attack on Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka Muri, the SDP candidate for the November 11th Governorship election in Kogi State by the agents of State government who were out to abort his thank you tour to traditional rulers and party leadership in Kogi State”.

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The group described the attack as an action “orchestrated to abort the mission of a people centered Candidate on a thank you tour to state traditional rulers and party leadership in the present of the state Governor, was a demonstration of utmost carwodice and ill will for the state.”

Uja’Ache Organisation he noted, is demanding an immediate investigation by a crack team of Federal Investigation Bureau under President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to bring these perpetrators to Justice and nib in the bud future occurency of such dastardly act.

URO recalls with nustalgia, the alleged ignominious state attack too many, perpetrated on the likes of Sen. Dino Melaye, Bar. Natasha Akpoti Uduagha among others, all at previous electoral seasons and has become a recurrent decimal at the build up of another but crutial election for the state.

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He reiterated that any barbaric afront by an individual actor if allowed to remain a recurrent decimal without ceasation, would amount to a declaration of war on the state, as injustice in one place is an injustice everywhere.

“Election has always being a means of struggle for political power to render service to the electorates, bringing robust dividends of democracy and justice to the doorstep of individual and people of the state and any attempt to misconstrue it to war of attrition, rascality and arrogance in governance, poses security threat to Nigeria Democracy.

“The confluence state of Kogi had been dignified and reputed a peaceful state since it’s creation on 2021 with ‘equity’ as epicentre of it’s governance but this tragetry changed as soon as power changed hands in 2015, and is regretful”.

URO then strongly appealed to the good ears of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), Kogi chapter, and security agencies “not to succumb to the antics of state leadership or give room to the repeatation of painful orgy of manslaughter and rosting of a PDP woman leader in Ochadamu in Ofu LGA in 2019 governorship election, as such re-occurence could set the state in flame.”

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It also called “on the peace loving people of Kogi State and particularly, Kogi Central, to collectively condemn the acrimony and seed of discord being entrenched in our governance in the last seven years, and instead, promote brotherhood, as one good turn deserves another.

“URO also urges all supporters of Murtala Yakubu Ajaka in Kogi State and his kinsmen to remain calm like their principal, who proclaim of being on mission to rescue Kogi State”, the statement concluded.