Prosper Africa to Invest $274m in Affordable Housing Across West Africa | Abuja Business Reports Newspaper & Magazine Prosper Africa to Invest $274m in Affordable Housing Across West Africa | Abuja Business Reports Newspaper & Magazine
Prosper Africa initiative of Department of State United States of America

Prosper Africa to Invest $274m in Affordable Housing Across West Africa

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The U.S. Government’s Prosper Africa initiative has announced the close of $274 million in long-term financing for West Africa’s rapidly growing housing sector.

This is in partnership with Bank of America Securities, Inc, Brean Capital, LLC, The Bank of New York Mellon, Togo’s Caisse Régionale de Refinancement Hypothécaire (CRRH), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

This partnership, announced on Thursday, opens new opportunities for U.S. investment in Africa’s emerging markets and provides an avenue for West Africans to gain greater access to homeownership, a statement by Africa Regional Media Hub said.

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MiDA Advisors served as the originator and lead transaction advisor on this landmark transaction.

This deal represents an innovative approach to mobilise transparent, market-oriented financing at scale and is expected to help about 6,000 households gain access to homeownership.

As part of Prosper Africa’s whole-of-government approach, USAID funded MiDA Advisors and CrossBoundary to provide advisory services that prepared CRRH for a global bond issuance, and DFC provided a credit guarantee, allowing investors to access an untapped market opportunity while meeting their risk profiles.

Through this transaction, for the first time, CRRH accessed cheaper, longer-term capital with a 17-year $217 million equivalent Eurobond that was issued via a U.S. trust alongside a local currency bond equivalent to $57 million for a total raise of $274 million from international and local institutional investors.

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Cameron Khosrowshahi, Senior Investment Advisor with Prosper Africa, said: “Prosper Africa’s partnership with leading U.S. and African financial institutions signals increased U.S. investor interest in investing in African markets.

“This is to meet the enormous demand for affordable housing in West Africa.

“Our collaboration is a blended finance transaction that will catalyze investment at scale and create generational wealth through homeownership for thousands of people across West Africa.”

Also, Jim Polan, DFC Vice President for the Office of Development Credit, said: “DFC partners with the private sector to make impactful investments around the world, including in West Africa where affordable housing is a critical need.

“The agency is pleased to work with such a diverse group of investors, including colleagues from the U.S. Government on this important issue that will help provide affordable housing and bolster stability for thousands in the region.” (NAN)

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