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2023: Witches, Wizards Set To Elect Nigeria’s Next President In December

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In the ongoing crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the build up to the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, Witches and Wizards have thrown their weight behind Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, against PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Speaking under the aegis of White Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria, their spokesperson, Dr. Okhue Oboi, in an interview in Lagos, said that the group has reviewed the political situation in the country when it met in Ilorin, Kwara State two weeks ago as well as in Offa, Omu Aran and Sobi, Ilorin, saying that they will elect Nigeria’s president in December before the scheduled February 25, 2023 presidential polls.
According to him, “After reviewing the situation in the country, it was revealed to us that Wike will have the last laugh in the ongoing battle of supremacy in the PDP because he has an open mind. Wike is fighting a just battle. It’s not about him, but about the sanctity of the processes and laid down rules in the party. Atiku is displaying foolhardiness and arrogance. In politics, you give and take.”
Dr. Okhue Oboi who spoke nn the presidential candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu said, “We reviewed the fitness of the APC candidate and didn’t see anything fundamentally wrong with him in the spiritual realm. Tinubu is fine; he is as fit as a racehorse. Those spreading rumours about his ill health are completely ignorant.”
He maintained that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is squandering his last opportunity to rule Nigeria in the 2023 election, insisting that elections will hold next year as scheduled.
“Next year’s election is going to be peaceful. Forget about those calling for war. Forget those saying the election will not hold. The election will be held as scheduled next year. We, as a group, will meet in December to cast our votes.
“Anybody that emerges winner in our next spiritual election will win the election. Witches are aware of the yearnings of the people. Therefore, we will vote for somebody that will take us out of Egypt to the Promised Land.
“At our last meeting in Sobi, all the witches in Ilorin were unanimous that Saraki would win. The Saraki political dynasty is coming back to reclaim all the lost glories.
“Kwara is already back in control of the PDP. Like Atiku, Gov. Abdulfatah is very stubborn, all the witches and wizards in Kwara have since left him,” he said.
He recalled that the association started sending warning signals about what would happen since the early ‘80s
“For instance, I predicted that MKO Abiola will win the election, but IBB will not hand it over to him. I went to Abiola’s house in Ikeja and told him what witches have seen.
“We met at Oke Ado, Ibadan. It was at that meeting that it was revealed that MKO will win, but will not get there. I told him he was going to be denied the way Awolowo was denied. Abiola, being a man that trusted his friend, told me IBB just left his house, that he was his trusted friend. Even his wife, the late Kudirat said I was lying, but I swore that if Abiola was inaugurated, I will stop worshipping the gods.
“When Abacha killed Ken Saro Wiwa, I told him to go and beg his family for forgiveness else his end will be disgraceful. You know how he ended his life. The rest is history as they say,” he said.

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