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Musab Ahmad, interim chairman of Bauchi Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation
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HCAF Appoints Bauchi Interim Chairman

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Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation (HCAF), a literary art organisation in Nigeria has appointed Musab Ahmad, as the interim chairman of Bauchi Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation. The Bauchi branch is the 19th in the country.

Ahmad was named as the Bauchi interim chairman of the organization by the founder, BM Dzukogi during the closing ceremony of jewel writing workshop 2021 which was held on May 23rd, 2021 at Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam Conference Hall, Gwallaga Central Mosque.

Dzukogi, whose speech was read by the moderator of the workshop, Sadiq Yahya, also commended the organisers of the jewel writing workshop for holding the event in Bauchi.

“I salute the organisers of Jewel Writing Workshop for extending their reach to Bauchi State, and extending their warmth to Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation upon request to draw teen authors of Bauchi State, to join their counterparts across the country.

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“Nigerian organisations with similar objectives hardly allow for this kind of collaboration.” he said.

Musab Ahmad, interim chairman of Bauchi Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation“They have exemplified the ‘JEWEL’ in their name with unbelievable accommodation for us. Let this be a sacrifice that should continue to take writers in Northern Nigeria to higher feats as well as Nigeria.”

According to Dzukogi, “Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation is the fastest growing literary art organisation in Nigeria. It is the gift of Niger State to the world. And we are not competing with anybody or group. Our leaders and members are smart young men and women, therefore, we own the future. Our target is not Nigeria but the world.”

Mr. Dzukogi, on behalf of his organisation, expressed his gratitude to Mal. Umar Saleh Gwani who is the coordinator for Bauchi state of the organisation since 2017 and appealed to him to become a patron.

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“Also, Mal. Umar Saleh Gwani designed our HIASFEST website which is still up in the air since 2019. It is up in the air because he has pledged to keep it running as his contribution to the programme.”

Furthermore, he exposed the young creative minds in Bauchi state to various opportunities waiting for them at Hill-Top.

“We are currently gathering state anthologies, September is the deadline, we can give Bauchi Hill-Top the end of October, 2021 to submit hers for us to publish.”

Hadiza Ibrahim Aliyu Schools Festival (HIASFEST), Online Literary Journals (The Nigeria Review – TNR and Literature Voices – Litvo), monthly poetry and short story contests (Wakaso Poetry Contest and Abubakar Gimba Short Story Contest), weekly book review session and 3rd Annual Niger State Photography Contest are also opportunities.

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