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Another Imo Diasporan Key Into Governor Uzodinma Administration’s ‘3R’ Vision

Changing the status of women as well as road construction, new investments, hospital and market developments, agricultural sector drive, among other development goals being driven by the Imo State Governor are of utmost importance to the Senator Hope Uzodinma administration.

This is even as the administration have maintained work around ‘equal opportunities and equality’ in the state.

Consequently convinced by the ‘equality-focused development work in Imo State under the “3R” administration, a group under the auspices of Women of Substance Progressive Initiatives (WOSPI) has officially keyed into the State Governor’s vision for the state. 

The General Coordinator of WOSPI Organisation, Princess Dandison, an Imo Diasporan, had followed the activities of the State Government in the last one year, especially in the areas of ‘Women Empowerment’ in the social media.

She described the state programmes and activities so far as “impressive”, propelling her to to make contact with the Office of the Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs to discuss ways WOSPI can contribute to the success stories for the purpose of empowering indigenous women. 

Three months after her initial contact with Imo Diaspora Office, Princess arrived Imo State, irrespective of the challenges of Coronavirus pandemic, armed with palliatives and empowerment programme for women in the state.

Princess, who has successfully joined the league of Imo Diasporans visiting home to contribute to the efforts of the current administration in the state maintained that she did not want to miss out on opportunities the government offer.

“I followed everything on social media and I couldn’t help but believe that something positively different is happening in my state Imo.

“I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to recover and rehabilitate our State. I’m really excited to support the Governor’s vision especially around Women’s Empowerment, which is what my foundation is set up for”. 

The Special Adviser to the State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Chief. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert thanked Princess Dandison, Lady Dean and the entire members of staff of WOSPI for keying into the 3R vision of the state government.

Chief Celia, who was also a resource person in one of WOSPI empowerment programmes, challenged the women to stay optimistic, positive and ready for the new wave of change blowing through Imo State.

“Senator Hope Uzodimma has promised us a renewed vitality, he has told us, women that our time is now.

“The only thing we have to do is to actively engage with the Government and help to drive the change we want to see”, the Special Adviser on Diaspora said. 

Nearly 100 women, who joined the empowerment programme on the 4th of January 2021, were thrilled at the possibilities of what Imo State could become for women.

In excitement, the women burst into singing, chanting Igbo rhythm: “Oge na-aga, mgbe nwanyị abụghị ihe!”
“Oge eruola mgbe nwaanyị bụ ihe!”

Meaning “Time has elapsed when a woman is not important!”
“It’s time now, a woman is important!”

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