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Governor Hope Uzodinma Administration Celebrates Imo Centenarian, Oha Ihebom Ikpeazụ

In a country where average life expectancy is 54 years, it can be considered an automatic blessing to behold a woman or a man who is hundred years and counting.

Oha Francis Ihebom Ikpeazu, celebrated his 101 birthday on December 29, 2020 in his hometown in Owerri, Imo State.

He appeared strong, still very articulate and walked around the vicinity by himself, welcoming guests and sharing jokes with all and sundry.

Governor Hope Uzodinma administration, represented by the Special Adviser to the Imo Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Cllr Celia Osakwe-Hibbert and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr. (Mrs.) Okereke Macillina, arrived the auspicious event to support their colleague, Hon. Dan Ikpeazụ, who is the son of the Celebrant.

Hon. Dan is the current Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Special Project and a former lawmaker who once represented Owerri North State Constituency in the Imo House of Assembly.

Another of the Centenarian’s first son, High Chief George Ikpeazu is a successful Imo Diasporan who is resident in the United States.

Speaking to the newsmen, Dr. Okereke Macillina, the SA Health stated that “some of the health policies and investments Governor Hope Uzodinma is introducing in Imo will amount to Imolites witnessing more people living this long and this healthy.

“Imo will celebrate more Centenarians”, she added.

On her part, Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert, the SA on Diaspora Affairs, noted that the “3R Government recognises living legends like my colleague’s dad, a lot of us 3R Ambassadors have trooped out to Naze today to celebrate this glorious achievement.

“By me is the SA Health whose department is working day and night to improve healthcare in our State.

“Centenary celebrations will hopefully become more attainable under the leadership of Senator Hope Uzodimma.

“In England, the Queen (traditionally) sends congratulatory messages to those celebrating their 100th and 105th birthday and every year thereafter. This is indeed a big deal!”, she observed.

Sons of the celebrant, Chief George Ikpeazụ, his brother, Hon. Dan, the Special Advisers on Diaspora and Health with ‘the man of the day’, Oha Francis Ihebom Ikpeazu.

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