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Nigeria was Our Home – Ex-Bangladesh High Commissioner Declares in Message to Nigerians


The immediate past High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Nigeria, Md. Shameem Ahsan has sent an emotion laden message of appreciation to Nigerians, thanking citizens of the West African country memorable.

He wrote from his new base as the Bangladesh Ambassador to Italy.

“I  left Nigeria recently to join as Ambassador of Bangladesh to Italy  upon completion of my tour of duty as the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

“I  thank you profusely for making the past two and half years memorable and productive”, the former High Commissioner said.

He noted that despite many exciting and challenging moments during his tenure in Nigeria, “I, along with my family, have enjoyed each and every moment of our stay in this beautiful country.

“Nigeria was our home; we made friends & built a tapestry of memory. I hope that our paths will cross in near future.

 “I feel sad that I could not say goodbye to each of you individually but I will always be carrying the sweet memories of the beautiful country”, the new Ambassador to Italy wrote.

He added, “Your warmth and friendship will always be cherished as  fond  memories.”

Ambassador Md. Shameem Ahsan who prayed for lasting Bangladesh-Nigeria friendship, declared “I  miss Nigeria!”

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