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Imo SA Diaspora Returns Home as Ex-Athletes, Diasporans Relax with Grassroots Football

The Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Cllr Celia Osakwe-Hibbert today returned to her home town to enjoy home made football at Comprehensive Secondary School Amurie Omanze, ISU Local Government of Imo State where she hails from.

In her company is a member of the Atlanta 96 Nigeria National Team, Mobi OPARAKU (MON).

Also with her is Obidimma Onyeali, the son of Elkanah Onyeali, the first Nigerian International Footballer ever flown on a private jet from the UK to play a national game.

Also crowning the Amurie opening game are the two Royal Highnesses from the old Amurie, HRH EZE UDO 11 OF AMURIE OMANZE and HRH EZE DURUOHA 1 OF OBORO AMURIE.

Also on at the football event are Amurie Diasporans who were the main sponsors of this event, and among them, from the United States, was Chief Emeka Iwunze. The IMC Chairman Kenneth Ukah.

The opening game indeed was supported by men and woman of calibre! 

Both Felina FC and SIRBEST FC teams were neatly kitted, an evidence that this year’s game is yet another step up from previous matches. As expected the Ex International Mobi Oparaku kicked off the match!

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