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Abuja Business Reports’ Journalist Honoured at Youths Digest Journalism Awards 2020

By Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim, a correspondent with Abuja Business Reports’ emerged as a finalist in the just concluded annual youths digest campus journalism awards 2020.

Mal. Muhammad Auwal was awarded with a certificate of excellence for being a finalist in the 3rd annual edition of the youths digest campus journalism awards 2020, held on December 12, in FCT, Abuja.

Muhammad Auwal’s entry was on the sexual harassment rocking Ahmadu Bello University, in which he portrayed the causes and proffered solutions to end sexual abuse on campus.

Campus journalism awards is an award ceremony organised by Youths Digest and Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) to honour and reward student-journalists with best stories on their campuses and the society at large.

It could be recalled that on March 8, youths digest has shortlisted 30 students out of 266 entries it received for the various categories of the awards. However, due to a sudden lockdown in Abuja, it was postponed indefinitely. 

By early December, the organisation announced 12th December as the new date for the famous campus journalism awards 2020, an outstanding gathering of campus journalist.

This year’s award was themed “Press Freedom: Catalyst for Good Governance.”

The Abuja Business Reports’ journalist was awarded along other 29 finalists amongst whom 15 emerged as winners of various prize categories and one campus journalist of the year.

According to the reporter, “journalists interest is always the society. Be it on campus or any where. I had to remove fear and wrote that article. Not for my benefit but for the society. Now, I am honoured for the job well done.

“This is an encouragement for me to continue telling the truth. Whether I win an award or not. This shows that the society is happy with what I am doing. I am really grateful. Thanks to my family and well wishers for coming to celebrate with me.”

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a Fellow of the African Investigative Journalism Conference (AIJC) 2020 of the Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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