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COVID-19: Enugu Govt Issues Advisory to Residents, Reveals Latest Number of Active Cases


Enugu State government has warned residents that the COVID-19 pandemic was far from over, advising them to continue to protect themselves against COVID-19 by avoiding large gatherings, not embarking on non-essential travels, among other preventive measures to curtail the spread of the virus.

The State Ministry of Health and the Governor’s Task Force on COVID-19 Containment gave the advice, revealing the latest number of active cases and number of cumulative COVID-19 deaths in the state so far.

According to public health advisory signed by the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Emmanuel Obi, the state has 21 active cases of COVID-19 and cumulative cases of 1355 with 1313 already discharged.

A total of 21 cumulative COVID-19 deaths occurred in the state.

Residents were strongly advised to be covering their mouths and noses when coughing and sneezing and be wearing face masks, especially when in public places, “and washing their hands regularly with soap under running water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers when running water and soap are not readily available.”

For medical advice and questions, Enugu State residents were urged to call the Emergency Operations Centre Number Toll Free on 08182555550 or 09022333833.

Across the country, the cumulative confirmed cases is 71,344 and 65,474 were discharged and 1,190 cumulative deaths.

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