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Imo SA Diaspora Joins Forces With Albertiqs Foundation to Ramp Up Orange Campaign Activities

It is not surprising that the Imo Diaspora community are fully in support of the ‘Orange Campaign’ which started on the 25th November to end on the 10th December. Whilst the usual excitement of ’ember’ month is going on, the Orange Campaign is equally carrying on with vigour in the state. 

The Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert had on the morning of December 1st, headed to Collins America International School, in continuation of the 16 days of activism to ‘Say No to Violence Against Women’.

Imo SA Diaspora Joins Forces With Albertiqs Foundation to Ramp Up Orange Campaign ActivitiesThe SA on Diaspora who was invited along with Albertiqs Foundation, gave a motivational speech to the young students.

Her motivational talk was centred around ‘Girls Getting to the Top and How to Stay Focused Amidst Gender-based Struggles”.

Hon. Osakwe-Hibbert shared the United Nations expectation for the girl-child, encouraging the students to dream as big as possible. 

The auditorium was full of young women and men who engaged beautifully with several games, interactions, and competition brought to them by Albertiqs Foundation Staff.

The foundation has partnered with the Imo Diaspora Office to help with the 16 days sensitisation on the need for eradication of violence and abuse of women globally. 

From the December 1st event, it was 10 days to go until the Orange Campaign ends on December 10th.

A lot of different activities have been lined up for each day, with the Diaspora Office in Imo State urging Imolites to get in touch to take part in the events by visiting the Imo Diaspora Facebook page or Albertiqs Social Media Handles. 

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