NIWA MD, George Moghalu Moves to Decongest Ports, Develop New Cities

The Managing Director, National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Chief Dr. George Moghalu in this exclusive with BloomshireTV, said there is a scenario of impossibility in the Nigerian waterways which he claims as untrue – the inability to move cargoes from Lagos to Onitsha.

“We are breaking this 42 years old jinx so that the private sector players will be confident to join”.

While expressing worries on the volume of containerised cargoes being transported on our roads, Moghalu expressed sadness lsaying, “this is quite unacceptable”, he said,

“Our roads are not built for these volumes of cargoes – why can’t we move our cargoes by water? We are focussing our attention on procurement and dredging and regular maintenance so that we can move cargoes from Lagos to Onitsha through our waterways.

“We are focussed on generating legitimate income by using technology to optimise our potentials, organise a proper data of companies on our right of way and by the time we complete this, it has enormous potentials, enormous benefits – it will reduce the pressure on our roads, decongest our ports, develop new cities and create fresh employment for our sons and daughters”.

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