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Imo SA Diaspora, Her Counterparts Across Nigeria Storm Akure in Solidarity with Colleague

Diaspora Affairs Appointees of various States in Nigeria head to Akure, Ondo State for Hon. Femi Odere’s mother’s funeral. Hon. Femi is the Senior Special Adviser to the Ekiti State Governor on Diaspora Affairs.

Imo SA Diaspora, Her Counterparts Across Nigeria Storm Akure in Solidarity with ColleagueIt appears that an undeniable synergy is rapidly growing within the Diaspora Focal Officers of each State following an official network of such officers amalgamated in February of this year.

This network of Diaspora Appointees was made official by no other than the NIDCOM boss, Rt. Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa.

The State Government representatives on Diaspora Affairs are said to be working closely (irrespective of political affiliation, gender or religion) to harness the Diaspora resources in order to support the development of Nigeria.

Speaking to the Imo State Governor’s SA on Diaspora, Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert on why she felt the need to attend the funeral given the enormous distance of Ondo from Imo State, Hon. Cllr. Celia stated that “it’s important to build a formation regionally but also nationally and the only way to do so is by committing to social events like this”.

She added, “as State representatives, it is our duty to help move our States forward but also to work together to collectively move our country Nigeria forward”.

Dr. Christian Madubuko (Hon. Commissioner on Diaspora for Anambra) is another Eastern Diaspora Focal Officer who attended and his perception on the need for Diaspora Affairs Officers across the country to unite is the same as his colleagues.

The SA Diaspora to the digital Governor of Cross rivers State Hon. Mathew Okiri Okeyim coordinated the event today the 7th of November 2020. 

From East, West, North and South of Nigeria the Diaspora Focal Point Officers, all joined their colleague Hon. Odere to bid the final farewell to his Mother Alhaja Balqis Malomo, aged 89.

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