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Imo SA Diaspora To Young Ladies: Change is Here, So Grab it With Both Hands

The ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ celebration has continued in Imo State as on an absolutely successful girls’ event held by Albertiqs Foundation at Graceland Event Centre, Egbada, Owerri, the Imo State capital.

Speakers ranged from Hon. Uju Onwudiwe (Igolo), Member representing Njaba, Hon. Ijeoma Nwafor, Josephine Orji  Paralympics Gold Medalist and several other formidable women.

The event was full of women who all have successful careers, especially in male dominated fields.

They all spoke strongly on the current expectation from the society in terms of gender parity.

Imo SA Diaspora To Young Ladies: Change is Here, So Grab it With Both HandsThe Chair of the Board of Albertiqs Foundation who happens to also be, the Special Adviser on Diaspora to the Governor of Imo State Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert admonished the young girls represented from different secondary schools, that the women emancipation ”we all have been calling for is finally here under the current Government and all that needs to be done is for all women in Imo to grab this change with both hands.”

She further stated during a panel session on how proud she is to see a sign Language Interpreter, women on wheel chairs and several other women from the Disability community.

“When I took over a few months ago as the Chairperson of Albertiqs Board, I introduced inclusion and diversity, today we stand proud to showcase to the world that indeed change is possible!”

The SA Diaspora, continued to explain to our reporter that she is not surprised to see that a Diasporan owned Foundation is raising the bar very high!

Albertiqs Extra Helping Hands Foundation is one of the leading foundations in the South East on Women’s Empowerment.

Albertiqs now also focuses on Women living with Disabilities.

Hon. Chidi Olujie, current and youngest ever National President of Deaf in Nigeria was present at this event, he applauded Albertiqs Foundation for putting ‘inclusion’ high up in their practices.

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