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Continuation Of Selected Analysis 003 On Saudi Arabia vs Nigeria Independence Day Broadcast Compared From The African Diaspora Platform _001


I shared the analysis from the EX ABU SUG PLATFORM 002 to virtually the hundreds of WhatsApp platform I belong and the following discussion ensued on The African Diaspora Platform with Dennis Masusa.

[10/4, 5:46 PM]
The African Diaspora
By Dennis Masusa:

“Congrat nice analysis.

“But inorder for Nigerian to supass the Saudia on wage and everything is to diversify their economy seed from oil to other sectors such as: transportation, Tourism, Financing & Insurance, Agricultural, Telecomunication, Education, Health, Mining and Industries.

“While using oil as base capital for pushing all that sectora revolutions, since if I am not mistaken Nigeria have Crude reserve of about 12 Billion barrels @ $50/barel arived at $600B.

“So simple Collaterise the inground oil resources, create the Certificates of Deposits (CDs) of that Oil, and place that CDs on Trading Platforms for more funds Non recourse proceedings that can create sufficiently income to support all other sectors,

“You are blessed with educated citizen that is advantegous towards quick win National Development, while creating a massive middle class with high and strong purchasing power for what ever is established in all aspects of production from primary to tertiary production.

“This will have impacts on vibrant economic power society and Nation, brothers and sisters from Nigeria. Only don’t depend on oil sales for your country development base instead.

“Change and add more values for your inground resources to be commercialized.. e.g only inground oil value reserve at 20% Value can create a Certificate of Deposits (CDs), backed by oil of about USD 120B.

“This if placed in a Trade Platform with return of 200% per annum you can have $240B. As a Nation of which you can use the 20% Value to lease more instruments worth Trillions of Dollars for your National Economic and Africa support.

“My appeal to you brothers and Sisters from Nigeria and my fellow Africans from our mother Africa Continent lets be consistent to change the modalities and tactics to build our economy capital from our Endowed Natural resources within only 25 years from now.


[10/4, 8:42 PM]
Eragbe Anslem Aphimia:

The platform trading concept of projects funding analysis you have provided, is the concept I developed for an aggressive national development of Nigeria.

Our leaders and their Economic handlers are fixated with crude oil sales that are not deployed effectively.

More grace sir

2023 Presidential Hopeful, FRN

[10/4, 8:43 PM]
Yap that can be a good solution for development projects, I held one port at Nigeria build in such model

[10/4, 8:45 PM]
Eragbe Anslem Aphimia:
We are at an advanced stage of deploying same also..

God be our helper.

Eragbe Anslem Aphimia is the National Youth Leader of Labour Party and writes from Abuja.

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