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Business ICON of the Week: Meet Fatima Lamaran Shehu, CEO Lamshef’s Collection

My name is Fatima Lamaran Shehu, CEO of Lamshef’s Collection. I am 28 years old am from Darazo LGA, Bauchi state but based in Gombe state.schooled in Gombe, Gombe high school and bagged my BSC in Biochemistry from Gombe state university.

I am into tailoring and fashion design, we make and

Lamshef's Collection tailoring

design Abayas, Gowns, Kimonos, Veils Turban, we also sew and stoned different kind of fabric we also sell foreign laces shoes and bags etc.

I started my business about 3 years back with a little capital and within this 3 years of hard work I have made great achievement and one of the great achievement is they way my brand name went viral in Gombe state because we are producing qualitative veils, abayas, kimonos, gowns, and more.

In every business there is achievement and challenges also the challenges we are facing now is on how to get the raw materials because this material are not from Nigeria most of them we import from other countries like Dubai, China, and so on.

Fatima Lamaran Shehu, CEO Lamshef's Collection modelsSo we face so many problems before this product reach us also another challenge from our customers most of our Nigerians prepare to buy the foreign cloth instead of patronizing our Nigerian made design so by doing so they are discouraging us from bring out the talent and skills in us.

Lamshef's Collection materialsLastly I will like to call on the Government, Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), among others, to help us improve tailoring and fashion design in Nigeria and also help our youth in other to reduce jobless citizens by doing so the government help it self and the youth.

Lamshef's Collection bag


  1. Wow! We patronized Lamshef’s products, they a qualitative and affordable. We pray for more wisdom to the COE and the company in General.


  2. Masha Allah,Lamshef’s product are the best materials one may ever need to stick to,try them you’ll never regret.


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