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Ikenga Ugochinyere’s Arrest: CNPP Accuses Gbajabamila Of Misleading IGP, Demands Immediate Release of CUPP Spokesman

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has accused Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila of misleading the Inspector General of Police, IGP Muhammed Adamu to approve the arrest and detention of opposition spokesman, Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, insisting that his arrest and continued detention were in clear violation of a subsisting court order.

While demanding his immediate and unconditional release, the umbrella body of all registered political parties and associations in the country warned that it will not be in the interest of democracy and the rule of law for institutions of government to return to inglorious path of flagrant disobedience of court order.

The CNPP added that its findings clearly show that the Inspector General of the Police was misled by the Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila to effect the arrest in the first place.

A statement signed by the CNPP Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu of Friday also noted that the arrest and detention amount to another attempt by Nigerian lawmakers to decimate the judiciary.

“On Thursday evening the news broke on the gestapo style arrest of the CUPP spokesman, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere to the shock of the Conference on Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP).

“The CNPP was particularly shocked because the Nigeria Police under the leadership of the current Inspector General of Police has given the Police a new image, which the current arrest and detention of Ikenga Ugochinyere as the opposition spokesman will avoidably reverse.

“It was even more disgraceful to learn that the arrest was in connection with an instigation by Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila, who is supposed to be a defender of the rule of law, knowing that the 3rd June 2020 order of the Federal Capital Territory High Court restraining the Police and the SSS from arresting or detaining Ugochinyere is yet to be vacated.

“For the very fact that the police acted in glaring disobedience to lawful orders of Court, we urge the Inspector General of Police to immediately order his release unconditionally in respect for the rule of law, and constitutional democracy.

“We make this demand, knowing that the injunction order of the Court and all processes in the matter have been served on the Police, including the hearing notice notifying that the matter has been adjourned for definite hearing on 30th June 2020.


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