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Bauchi Governor’s Aide Speaks on 1st Year Anniversary of Governor Bala Muhammad, Reveals Achievements


As today marks exactly a year since Governor Bala Muhammed was sworn in as the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, some of residents have scored the administration high.

In his appraisal of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration, Lawal Muazu Bauchi, the Special Adviser on New Media to Governor Bala Muhammed, said the state, before the Governor’s interventions has suffered in almost every aspect under the leaders of the past.

According to him, the achievements and successes of Governor Bala Muhammed have yielded the required manpower and facilities as well as making the state to becoming the star among it’s conterperts.

“In less than a year, tremendous achievements have been made, with more than many being executed by the present administration.

“Governor Bala Muhammed has awarded the capital projects of over N45 billion Naira ranging from roads construction, rehabilitation and dualization, building thousands of classrooms in primary and junior secondary schools, rehabilitated laboratories and furnishing offices as well as fencing some of the public schools in the state”, he said.

He noted that the PDP led administration in Bauchi State under the leadership of Governor Bala Muhammed has awarded and construction several roads, including Burga-Yelwan Duguri, about 58.8-kilometer; Muda Lawal Road, about 1.1kilometer, and the Gombe Road-Maiduguri Bypass, about 4.2 Kilometers.

Others are the Yakubun Bauchi-Raji Quarters road, about 1.7 kilometer; 6.2 kilometer Sabon Kaura-Mir road, Sade-Akuyam, 16 Kilometers, Tafawa Balewa Road, Azare, 1.7 Kilometer; Jamaare Byepass Azare, 1.3 kilometer, among others.

“Many of these projects have been completed, some are at the stage of completion, others being executed.

“The governor also succeeded construction of over 700 Boreholes and Hand-pumps across the twenty Local Governments Areas of the state.

“Hundreds of Demo-Toilet have been built in schools and PHCs across the state.

“In health sector, succeses recorded by the governor cannot be compared with any of his predecessors, in less than a year, all the 26 General Hospitals, 1,117PHCs and the Specialist Hospital have been rehabilitated, additional laboratories have been built in many, beds were provided and nurses have been retrained.

“No governor in the history of Bauchi State has ever achieved these within a first year in office, some even in their whole tenure.

“As we celebrate Governor Bala’s first year in office, we must commend his administration’s commitment towards executing more developmental projects despite the state, nation as well as global economic challenges”, the Governor’s aide said.


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