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Meaningful Global Strategy for Migrant Workers Needed to Address Challenges of COVID19, Dr Momen Says

The Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr A.K. Abdul Momen has called for a meaningful global strategy for migrant workers to address the challenges of COVID19.

In a release by the Senior Information Officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhakar, Md. Tohidul Islam, stated that Dr Momen made the call at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), meeting convened by Azerbaijan on Tuesday.

Terming migrant workers as “frontline contributors” to the economies, Dr. Momen stressed the need to formulate a strategy for responsibility sharing both in home and host countries.

Highlighting the pandemic’s adverse impact on two major sectors of Bangladesh’s economy- ready-made garments (RMG) and remittance, Dr. Momen urged the NAM membership to work out innovative solutions and approaches to tackle the crisis.

He emphasized that the NAM’s response must be embedded in multilateralism and international solidarity through forging a robust global partnership with the G7, G20, OECD, and the U.N.

Dr. Momen in his statement also highlighted how Bangladesh has been coping with the pandemic under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who issued a 31-point directive seeking to mitigate its impact on the population.

He revealed that the Government has already allocated nearly USD 11.6 billion which is 3.5 % of the total GDP, to help the vulnerable people and businesses to bear with the shocks of the pandemic.

The Foreign Minister underlined the importance of devising a clear strategy for the economic recovery of the developing countries, including the provision of short-medium-long term support from the bilateral and multilateral development partners, protection of jobs of the migrant population and ensuring the flow of vital medical supplies and essential goods, services and food supply chains.

“The pandemic should not divert attention and resources away from the development needs for the long term resilience and sustainability of developing countries as encapsulated in the 2030 agenda,” said the Foreign Minister.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, the current Chair of NAM convened this high-level online meeting. Around 40 countries participated in the meeting. The meeting took place on Tuesday May 5 at about 5.00 pm (Bangladesh time).


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