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Gas Shortage: TCN Confirms Significant Improvement of Supply

By James Ezema

The Management of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) confirmed that the company is “receiving unprecedented support from the Management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) led by the GMD, Mr. Mele Kyari and COO Gas and Power, Yusuf Usman in resolving the issue of gas availability to thermal power plants and this has significantly improved gas supply to gas generation stations nationwide.”

General Manager public Affairs, TCN, Ndidi Mbah who gave the assurance in a statement on Tuesday said “Consequently, power plants previously experiencing gas supply shortage have started generating power to the Grid and if the trend continues, the problem of gas supply to power plants will be resolved in a matter of hours and also Distribution Companies as well as Point Load Consumers of Electricity will be adequately served.”

TCN Management led by the MD/CEO, U G Mohammed expressed its appreciation “to the Management of NNPC, Generation Companies, Distribution Companies, TCN staff on their duty posts nationwide and other sector players for the effort in sustaining the Grid during this trying period.”

The TCN had on Monday lamented that the power sector has in the past weeks continued to experience power supply shortage due to serious gas constraints to most of the nation’s thermal generating stations, which restrained  optimal generation into the grid and consequently the quantum of electricity transmitted to distribution load centers.

The company had explained that “the thermal power plants most affected by gas supply constraint include; Geregu Gas station now generating 0MW against 435MW, Geregu NIPP generating 81MW with a shortfall of 354MW, Sapele NIPP now generating 0MW against 230MW, Olorunsogo NIPP generating 0MW against 112MW and Olorunsogo Gas plant generating 70.5MW with a shortfall of 195.5MW while Gbarian plant is generating 0MW against 112MW.

“Also affected by the gas supply constraint are ; Omotosho NIPP generating 110MW with a shortfall of 220MW, Egbin generating 596MW with a short fall of 264MW, Delta II-IV gas  generating 306.81MW with a shortfall of 128.19MW and Okpai Gas plant generating 159MW with a shortfall of 291MW.

“In addition, Rivers IPP, AFAM IV-V and Paras Energy are also generating with a shortfall of 40MW, 60MW and 30.2MW respectively. AFAM VI does not have gas supply problem but one of its units is out on fault.

“Presently, Azura and Odukpani power plants are the only two thermal power generating stations generating at full capacity into the nations grid. With the current situation therefore, the distribution companies that have the capacity to pick more load are unable to, as TCN strives to distribute what is generated into the grid equitably among DisCos nationwide”.


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