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Check! That Cough Could Be Tuberculosis, What You Must Do

In commemoration of the world Tuberculosis (TB) day, the Federal ministry of health “National Tuberculosis and Leprosy control Program” in collaboration with Stop TB Partnership Nigeria, Raises awareness about the devastating health, social, and economic impact of tuberculosis and urged the acceleration of efforts to end the global TB epidemic.

Media conference briefing held in Abuja. The theme for World TB Day 2020 it’s time and was adopted for Nigeria as “It’s Time to End TB in Nigeria”.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by germs that are released into the air by a TB person. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease and the number 1 infectious killer disease in the world with records of nearly 3,975 death each day.

Tb is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria.

Anyone can have TB disease, but people who have a weakened immune system like the elderly people, children, persons with diabetes mellitus, H I V, cancer are at higher risk.

TB is curable if detected early and treated properly.

The best form of TB prevention is early diagnosis and treatment.
TB is anywhere and everywhere.

TB diagnosis and treatment is free in all government owned facilities.
Diagnosis and TB drugs are also free and available in all Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS) centres nation wide.

Symptoms of TB include: continuous cough lasting for 2 weeks or more; sweating at night even when the weather is cold; difficultly in breathing; chest pain and blood stained sputum.

Speaking at the media briefing Dr Adebola Lawanson congratulated Stop TB Partnership and other TB agencies in Nigeria for the efforts so far in fighting TB.

She also encouraged Nigerians to visit any government hospital and any DOTS centre in the country when ever the notice any symptom of TB.

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