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Mass Failure in Bauchi Mock Exam, Blame the System Not Students — Haris Aliyu Hardo


An Aide to Hon. Umar Muda Lawal, the Member, Representing Toro Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives,  Mr. Haris Aliyu Hardo has said that public schools are not special schools by the capacity, morality and discipline of both teachers and students, adding that this is because special schools receive special treatment by law.

According to  him,  special Schools are therefore, incomparable with the rest.
Mr. Aliyu Hardo, who was reacting to the controversy trailing the refusal of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State to pay for WAEC and NECO fees for some secondary school students due to their poor performance in mock exams, said the Commisioner of Education, Dr. Aliyu Tilde’s action in the matter is a mockery of the educational system.
“What the commissioner is trying to do simply put, is mockery of the public education system and the examination body.
“Trust me, mock exams has never determine the fate of any public school student before, and will not start from these children.
“Else, we will not have people with national and international examination results they cannot defend.
“Truth be told, students’ inability to pass any kind of exam has never been blamed on them elsewhere in the world; but on the society and the system responsible for preparing them academically.
“Governments that are serious with education are constantly in checks with performance of both students, teachers and the administrators”, he noted.
Insisting on the fact that it’s the duty of teachers to teach the students to pass exams, the legislative aide noted that “As the teachers ensure that students under them are adequately trained, assessed and subject to every disciplinary and reward policy, the administration does the same as regards performance of teachers.
“Let’s provide an honest answer to the following questions: When last has the government reward any student or teacher for good performance or behavior?
“Are students promotion and demotion policies still active in public schools?
“Mockery of the system is when as a commissioner, schools under you has an assessment system that is incapable of predicting students performance in external exams.
“In fact every internal exam from senior level one to three is aimed at testing to determine students’ capacity and performance. A measure on which one should be promoted or demoted.
“It is also for the authority to determine whether to make system changes in order to help them perform better”, he said.
He further stressed that “disadvantaging these children is overzealous and unwelcome in Bauchi State.
“Lets take this development as a wake up call to the Ministry (of Education) to do the needful and ensure that public schools are not a pipeline of wasting public resources.”
For him,  there is need to “shake and reposition the system to ensure that only qualified teachers are allowed to teach; to ensure that teachers are fairly compensated for their work and that every school is equipped with the necessary resources for a given number of students”.
He added that there is urgent need “to reinstall and enforce standard work ethics and proper discipline back to public schools by holding every teacher accountable for his performance.
“The ministry should rather than punish the students at this stage, (should) directs its whip towards those responsible for educating and making them ready for the world next to secondary school walls.
“We want to see you reform the public education system to become so attractive that people in position of power like you will not hesitate sending their children.
“We know the culture has always been this bad, that both the examiners, the students, and the schools has never taken mock exams serious.
“That teacher-aided exam malpractice secure more confidence in students ability to pass external exams, over the energy put by teachers in preparing their students to perform at best, independently.
“In conclusion, let’s put our best minds at work. By utilizing the time from now to the examination date to boast their capacity through extra-lessons and rigorous training particularly on how to pass the exam”.
He wants the education authorities “to use the recently concluded mock exam as a mirror to realize their troubled areas and help them do better.
“If we are to revisit the government’s imperative for sponsoring these exams, it would be the end of the road for most students going by your decision.
“Unless the ultimate goal is cutting cost for the government, since they are still in school; they are yours to fix”, he observed.

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