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Bishop Ajose’s Powerful 2020 Global Prophecies Made Public, Speaks on Atiku, Tinubu, APC, PDP, Adeboye, Oyedepo. Others

Powerful 2020 prophecies dated December 30, 2019 and declared by the presiding Bishop of the Bishop Ajose Ministries International, Dr. Theophilus Taiwo Ajose has been made public.

The prophecies were released at the end of his annual 40 days fasting.

Bishop Ajose releases prophecies for mankind annually with 2020 edition being his 15th version of the annual 40 days fasting.  This year, he revealed, the Lord took him up to the heaven of heavens to behold the grace and glory of the Lord. Some of the powerful revelations for the world he encountered are released in this prophecies.

Tagging 2020 as the Year of Ceaseless Breakthroughs and Testimonies, the Bishop welcomed the world to the New Year.

“The Archangel of the Lord assigned by the Godhead to usher in Year 2020 and proclaim His divine purpose for mankind shouted with a loud voice at the early hours of December 30, 2019 through the heaven, the heavens of heavens and unto the earth: ‘Mercy, Glory, Peace And Judgment; here comes the dispensation of our Lord in Justice And Righteousness as Humanity submits to Divinity; to the Lord: Faithful and Holy!’ There is a floury of angelic activities, dispersal and engagements to prepare and usher in Year 2020, the mysterious year with coded secrets that will unfold unannounced to the bewilderment of even sages and the wise unto whom are committed the mysteries of Christ.

“2020 is a year that is filled with divine miracles, manifestations and activities that the world has not seen in the last 400 years. However, for the faithful children of the Most High God, though the activities and events of 2020 will take the world by storm, the children of God shall be at peace!


“The year 2020 brings to the world the unprecedented favor, mercy, compassion and blessings of the Lord in a way hitherto unknown by the world, and carries along with it divine judgment! WORLD ORDER: A TOTAL OVERHAUL!!

“The year 2020 is filled with so many inscrutable manifestations and governmental enigmatic order for world powers that shall see to the total overhaul of the ‘World Order Powers.’

“The concomitant effect is the turnover of hitherto entrenched ‘professional political world leaders’ from North America, Asia, Far East to Africa.

“The World Spiritual hegemony shall lose its balance at the fulcrum of governmental entrenchment as the heavenly Divine Watchers of the earth have concluded the matter and the ushering of the year 2020 is the beginning of the end of recalcitrant world leaders who are bent at frustrating the divine purpose for humanity and showing themselves to be “gods of this world” when, in actual fact, they are mere mortals made from the dust of the earth!

“The Spirit of Christ says, “Now is the salvation of the world nearer than the world has expected. Blessed is he who is sealed by the Lord for the judgment to come”!! USA & NIGERIA –HIGH PRIESTS WITHOUT SCAPEGOATS!

“If there are two nations in the world that the Lord has created to usher in the divine purpose at every dispensation of the world, those nations are the United States of America (USA) and the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Africa.

“These two nations are divinely made great by the Lord to bear the torchlight of divine glory for other nations to follow in this wicked and dark world.

“These two nations are ordained to be used by the Lord to usher in mercy in Christ Jesus to the dying world but, alas (!), they themselves are in dire need of mercy! The greatly anointed and chosen spiritual leaders (High Priests) of these nations have turned themselves into the goats they were supposed to use as scapegoats!

“The souls of these nations have been covenanted to mammon and unprofitable empires they build to their own shame rather than to the glory of the Almighty God. They have allowed wild beasts and jackals to invade the palaces of the honorable children of God.

“The hunters have become the hunted!! ‘Their honorable men are famished and their multitude dried up with thirst.” (Isaiah 5:13) They appear before the Lord without scapegoats, the palaces are filled with wild beasts and donkeys, they have sold themselves for peanuts and like the Biblical Judas, they trade their sheep for pieces of useless silver they cannot spend! In 2020, the Lamb shall arise!!

“The Spirit shall be poured forth from on high and the wilderness shall be a fruitful field (Isaiah 32:15) These two nations shall experience their lowest levels in the last 100 years but the mercy of the Lord shall prevail and from the second half of 2020, the Archangel of 2020 sent by the Lord shall visit these two nations.

“There shall be divine rearrangement and judgment in mercy! These two nations shall be the cynosure of all eyes in 2020. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the church. (Rev. 2:7).

“However, for these two great countries, the more things change, the more they remain the same!”, the Prophetic/Warfare Intercessor declared.



Arguably the most controversial President the USA has ever had, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, the proverbial cat with nine lives, shall once again take the world center stage in 2020!

The inscrutable mystery of God for raising him up to rule the USA shall continue to bewilder the political world just like his Nigerian counterpart! (Daniel 2:21) They are both prophetic personages in the political leadership of their respective countries. 2020 shall be one year Donald Trump will ever live to remember and which shall lead him to bow down and worship the Lord in adoration!

Donald Trump shall declare a personal war with two African Presidents. A scandal involving his wife and children shall be unfolded in 2020. Donald Trump should move closer to the Lord and seek the face of the Lord regularly.


The victory of Boris Johnson of UK at the polls shall be beclouded with economic recession and domestic political agitations and decorum. The UK shall witness religious and political unrests starting from the second quarter of 2020. The UK shall be bereaved in the first half of 2020.


China and USA shall continue their cat and mouse economic and political games of vendetta in 2020.

The economy of China shall be badly affected by the spate of economic tariffs from the USA. This will lead to China engaging in economic diplomacy with USA allies.


The nation of Russia and its leadership shall continue to be a recurrent mention in the politics of the USA. In 2020, there shall be a face-off between China and Russia.

The Russian leader shall be more visible and assertive on the world stage politically, and this shall also result in a mini-conflict with the USA.


Federal Republic of Nigeria is one nation the world cannot ignore in 2020 and beyond! If there is any nation in the whole world that the Lord of heaven has granted great peace and mercy, that nation is Nigeria.

2020 brings, in earnest, series of events that, if not managed by her leadership with wisdom, may threaten the peace of the nation.

To this end, the political class will have to exercise extreme decorum and caution in handling sensitive matters that may affect the delicate balance of the pivot of peace in the most populous black nation on the earth; otherwise, it may lead the nation into a path of no return.

THE POLITICAL CLASS: More politicians shall be arraigned or convicted of financial and economic crimes starting from the second quarter of 2020. Hitherto sacred cows shall become sacrificial cows! This shall cause a lot of anxiety and unease among veteran politicians and those who considered themselves sacred cows, as the fire of justice shall torch the “political untouchables”.

This action shall restore the integrity of the government and place Nigeria on the path of economic restoration. However, fifth columnist within the government shall work day and night to frustrate the efforts of the government in this regard, this will lead to unholy disclosures concerning some government officials.


The various political parties shall be in disarray in 2020. This shall lead to mergers and cross carpeting of unimaginable dimension. The ruling political party (APC) shall experience a deep crisis in its top leadership.

Alhaji Abubakah Atiku: The major opposition party (PDP) shall have a major disagreement and crisis with its Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Abubakah Atiku. Alhaji Abubakah Atiku shall voluntarily retire from active politics in 2020 to assume the status of a statesman. The Lord shall still use him mightily in the political destiny of the Nigerian nation.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The generous and highly visible National Leader of the ruling APC, the Jagaban Bogu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will have to move closer to his creator and be very, very prayerful as the spate of betrayals, accusations and disappointments from both political allies and foes shall continue in 2020 and shall reach a crescendo in the second half of the year.

A health issue shall cause a temporary absence from the public space. He needs to pay a great attention to his health in 2020 and avoid drinks or food from the “outside” so as to avoid food or drink poisoning. Curiously enough, the Spirit of God revealed that the Jagaban Bogu shall have a frosty relationship with the government over his inclusion in some economic and governance investigations.

The Media: There shall be a confrontation between the government and the News/Print media in 2020 over news that affect national security and national stability. Some journalist shall be arrested and tried for state offences.

RELIGION: A major religious uproar may surface in 2020 over government policies that may be perceived as religious censorship. Wisdom by religious leaders and tolerance by the government shall avert a major religious disorder. Some religious leaders shall be questioned on activities that have economic and political undertones. Religious decorum and tolerance shall save the nation from unnecessary religious disharmony and unrest.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye: The revered great man of God shall be involved in some politically motivated personal and ministry attacks. This shall be the first step of the enemy against the Church. However, the Lord who shed His blood for the Church is watching and still alive! There shall be some unholy disclosure against him, motivated from the pit of hell but the Lord shall stand by him.

He should take the matter of his personal security seriously and avoid the activities of monitoring spirits and their human collaborators as the Lord has revealed.

However, the warrior archangels working with him are more than enough to thwart any satanic plan against him. He that dug a pit shall fall into it himself!

Bishop David Oyedepo: Incessant prayers and intercessions should be made for the great and blessed man of God. Prayers should be made for personal peace and protection.

He should pray against a great betrayal from among his closest followers and leadership. He should also pray against bereavement in the second half of 2020.

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