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Press Corps Lauds Adesola as New Perm. Sec Insists on Due Process

The Niger Delta Press Corps has hailed the redeployment of Mr. Olusade Adesola as the new Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, just as the Perm. Sec. on assumption of duty, immediately insisted that the bidding process for contract must be transparent while instructing the Director of Procurement to ensure that all relevant information were posted on the Ministry’s website.

Mr Adesola also went further to charge the head of human resources to make room for regular meeting among the management staff the norm in other to know the challenges faced by each department.

Congratulating him on assumption of office, the Chairperson of the the Press Corps, Lulu Bankong said the wealth of experience the Perm. Sec. has brought to the Niger Delta ministry will be highly invaluable.

Describing him as a round peg in around hole, the association said, “He is the best thing that could ever happen to the Niger Delta ministry because his statement on assumption of office shows sign of his intent and proves that he is ready to work with everybody in achieving the objective of creating the ministry.”

The statement however urged him to avoid the pitfalls of the past permanent secretaries to the ministry so that posterity can judge him well, adding that the Niger Delta Press Corp look forward to a fruitful relationship among themselves, the ministry and other agencies under the ministry.

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