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NOA Urges Greater Patriotism from Nigerians in New Year

By James Ezema

As the world ushers in a new decade with the year 2020, the Director General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Garba Abari has called on Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora to reflect on Nigeria’s journey of nationhood, especially in the last decade and see the new year as another opportunity to continue contributing meaningfully to nation building in the next decade and beyond.

While congratulating Nigerians, in a New Year message for their resilience through the last decade which saw a peaceful government transition despite predictions of national doom, Dr. Abari commended the patriotism, nationalism, service and devotion of Nigerians to the nation, noting that without the sacrificial efforts of patriots through successive generations, the greatest black country on the planet would not have survived till today.

The NOA Director General noted that the years ahead of Nigeria as a nation hold greater glory for the country and therefore called for deep reflection and repositioning from all Nigerians in order to do away with all vices that have plagued the nation in the past.

He further urged Nigerians to make the needed commitment to henceforth always put the nation first above other considerations, adding that no nation will match or surpass Nigeria’s greatness in a short time to come if its citizens will totally commit to making the nation great.

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