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Learn to Stay Health to Promote Your Businesses, Entrepreneurs Told

The Chief Executive Officer of Infinite Wealth, and the founder of African Wellness Summit, Hauwa Huru Alkashim, has disclosed that at the moment, the global wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion and that Nigeria can gain from the revenue if it adds value to its products.


Stay healthy
From right, some entrepreneurs at the African Wellness Summit, Aisha Atta, CEO Lumo Naturals, Farida Yahya, CEO of Infinite Wealth and founder of African Wellness Summit, Hauwa Huru Alkashim, Rep of Skin101, Dr Chito Nwigene, Fauziyyah Abdulwahab and others at the event which held recently.

Alkashim speak during the African Wellness Summit held in Abuja recently said, “For instance, the only way Nigeria makes money from sesame seed is to export it raw. So, if we decide to process and package it for export, that is a lot; that’s huge.”

According to her, the reason for the wellness summit was to bring all the professionals in the wellness industry under one roof.

“We want to expand the possibilities in that industry and at the same time create avenues for small businesses to showcase their wellness businesses.

“It is also to bring in the consumers to meet with the producers. If you are a small business owner and you are looking for a mentor, attend the African Wellness summit and you will get people who will mentor you,” she said.

The Managing Director of the Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA), Mallam Arabi Muhammed Tukur, who was represented by the Enterprise Development Service Manager, Lilian Omogiate-Iwelu, said the reason the agency partners with organisers of summit was because they believe that health is wealth.

“Our message is that every entrepreneur should learn how to stay healthy to be able to promote their businesses, and to see that these businesses turn out to be a success. We align with their mandate, to promote entrepreneurs especially in the FCT.

“When people stay healthy, they reason better and see opportunities that lie in the business space for them”, she said.

In her reaction, a participant, Grace Chinenye Elem, while speaking on what she learnt at the event said, “The takeaway for me are some business tips on how to manage my own business, some tips on management, team building and networking and the need to listen to your clients.”

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