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Why Investors Shouldn’t Be A fraid of Nigeria – Anurag Shukla

The Managing Director of Crown Flour Mills Limited, Mr. Anurag Shukla has said that there is enough business potential in Nigeria to put food on the table of its citizens, urging investors not to be afraid of investing in Nigeria.

Shukla said this at the 2019 Customer’s Forum and Gala Night organised by Crown Flour Mills Ltd in Abuja at the weekend.

Explaining why those who wish to tap into the Nigerian market should not be afraid, Anurag Shukla said, “Investors should not be afraid to invest in Nigeria as this is where the action is with about 200 million people.

“There is just so much business potential, really’’, he said, adding that the company’s proposed acquisition of Dangote Flour will double the production of Crown Flour Mills and allow them offer a wider range of products to their customers.

“We are going to provide all the support to ensure that our customers grow, as our production is increasing, we expect that the incomes of our customers would continue to grow also.

“Today is to celebrate and appreciate our customers, to discuss with each other, listen to their challenges and look for solutions to the problems.

“It is also an opportunity to also tell them about some of the new things happening in the company’’.

He said that in Nigeria, Flour is one business that is capable of providing yearly maximum employment through its value chain.

“We produce for Nigerians and sell to Nigerians and our staff strength which ranges from our company workers to the our transporters who take our products to the sellers and the bakers and so on, the value chain is incredible’’.

Bolaji Anifowose, the Vice President, Commercial, Crown Flour Mills in his opening remarks appreciated the customers in attendance for their loyalty over the years.

“There is a need for us to support our dealers in different capacities, not just based on volumes like in previous years but also on loyalty’’.

He said that Crown Flour is a complete customer-centric compliance company and would therefore support their customers individually to ensure that they keep growing more than their competitors.

“We would be launching a loyalty club membership across regions very soon for our customers and will be giving out gifts that will enhance their business going forward’’.

Ishaq AbdulRaheem, a Customer and the Chairman, Abuja Chapter of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria described the marketing strategy of the company as excellent.

“They have a unique way of marketing which I love, they promote their products by inviting customers and potential customers and introduce them to their new products one on one.

“Their marketing strategy is excellent and people will buy their products because of their style of marketing.”

AbdulRaheem said that Nigeria is now a productive society and no longer a solely importation or consuming country.

“We are no longer a consuming society, before we imported virtually everything we eat, almost 95 per cent of the rice we consume but today we produce more rice than we can even consume’’.

He however advised other companies and individuals to emulate Crown Flour Mills in their doggedness and in the sustenance of businesses and job creation.

“I read Mechanical Engineering but after graduation I couldn’t find any job so I gradually went into bakery and today I’m much the better for it, and I have employees that I pay,’’ he added.

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