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Abuja Set to Host Nigeria’s Leading Tourism & Transport Expo

Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory is to host the second edition of the prestigious International Tourism Transport Summit And Expo.


The Expo is scheduled to hold at the International Conference Centre Abuja from 29th to 30th April 2019.


According to the organisers, the International Tourism Transport Summit and Expo 2019 aims to bring together all players in the tourism and transport industries to tackle issues hindering the growth of the two sectors with all sense of purpose and patriotic zeal for the country’s economic and social development.


The theme of 2019 edition of the summit and Expo is “Tourism and Transportation Inter-dependencies for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development”.


Sub themes for the event include: Tourism In A Hyper Connection World: Making Technology Work For The Tourism And Transportation Sector; Potentialities Of Developing Regional Inter-Connectivity In Africa; Inter-modal Connectivity, Traveler Safety And Security; Development Of Critical Infrastructure And The Ease Of Doing Business In Nigeria- the case of tourism and transportation industries and Building capacity for global best practice in tourism and transportation sectors.


The Institute for Tourism Professionals, the lead organizers of the Expo, disclosed that the Expo’s primary objective is to create a platform among all major stakeholders- governments at federal, states and local levels, international oragnisations, the organised private sector, transport operators commuters to interact with one another, through the presentation of their attainments and programmes as well as showcase their products and services to commuters, business organisations, the regulatory agencies and all key players in the sub sectors of the country.


“Nigeria’s efforts and experiences at diversifying the economy from mono-based economy; totally dependent on petroleum exports, by promoting non- petroleum sector with particular highlight on the successful development of tourism has been torturous and had suffered many pitfalls.


“This is because the various linkages and connecting sub sectors that will make tourism growth prosper, in particular transportation, has been lacking”. “Tourism and transport Connectivity are critical issues relating with bridging transport and tourism policies will reaffirming the need for developing programmes of inter-ministerial cooperation between bodies responsible for tourism and transport so as to improve and strengthen the basic conditions for sustainable development of both industries.


“International Tourism Transport Summit is created to deliberate on the complex relationship between transport provision and tourism in boosting the economy of both sectors”, the organisers informed.


“The international Tourism transport Summit and Expo is equally expected to deliberate on the complex relationship between transport provision and tourism, and will adopt global perspective throughout the deliberations touching on such critical issues as: concession of airports; establishment of national carrier; development of agro-cargo terminals; critical aspects of tourism-transport relationship; tourism-transport interface: symbolic relationships; air transport: shrinking the world and developing mass tourism; premium long-haul airlines and destination development cruise tourism and ferries: the new reality for water passenger transport; ground based transport; current policy and economic issues in transportation; Subsidization of transport provision; passenger security; supply/demand- managing externalities.”

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