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Abuja Airport Facility Upgrade Impresses Turkish Airlines

An international carrier, the Turkish Airlines has hailed the operational facilities upgrade at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NNIA), Abuja.


Speaking on the upgrade at the airport to ease passenger facilitation, the Country Manager, Turkish Airlines Nigeria’s capital, Mr. Mehmet Asik, noted that the airline now has a different flight experience at newly inaugurated Abuja Airport Terminal compared to the old terminal where its aircraft could not park near the aviobridge, forcing it to use a bus to convey its passengers to the terminal building.


Asik said the carriers had devised strategies to handle short landing of luggage into Abuja Airport experienced about two years ago.


Now considering the Nigerian market very important, the Turkish Airline has made a commitment to work harder to proffer solutions to infractions arising from poor services.


“We are so happy to move our operations to the new terminal, we are happy to have the very latest technology in Abuja, it will give us the best opportunity to handle our passengers.


“At the old terminal, there was no such opportunity for us to park near the bridge, passengers only use the bus to connect the terminal on arrival but the new terminal offers more facilities”, Mr Asik said.


Speaking on what led to passengers blocking an aircraft on the tarmac in Abuja in 2016, he attributed this to capacity and seasonality, adding the airline had since made some technical adjustments to prevent a similar experience.


“The problem had to do with capacity and seasonality, sometimes some people prefer to carry over 100 luggage and during period, it becomes an issue but we have been able to prevent this from happening since then and we will continue to update the system.”


He said the airline   will begin London-Istanbul-Port-Harcourt flights beginning from June 24.

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