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As Bata Returns, Builds $1m Plant in Abuja

Bata Shoes and Accessories was a household name in the shoes industry in the 60s and 70s but later left Nigeria.


However, the shoes and accessories giant is back to Nigeria as Bata stakeholders have launched a $1m fund for the building of a factory in the Federa Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.


Bata Back in NigeriaThe Bata factory is expected to tackle shoe importation problem in the country and create jobs.


According to a spokesperson for the Bata stakeholders, Mr Tobe Eze , the shoes manufacturing company had left the country in the 80s due to change of policies.


Speaking at the company’s outlet in Abuja recently, Tobe revealed that the company will employ 128 youths in the Abuja plant, adding that that six were already undergoing training.


“We are part of the business owners that brought Bata back to Nigeria; Bata was in the country from the 60s but left around the 80s; for now, we are proud to be associated with this brand and we just opened a shop in Abuja.

“We are setting up a shoe plant and an industrial park in Abuja with $1m; by June, we will have all the brands been produced here in Nigeria and employ 128 Nigerian youths to manage the production in the shoe factory; six are already undergoing training”, adding that the company had put in place management and a lot of systems to ensure that the business continues to exist in the country.


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